Watch this 3D Printer That Plays MIDI

If you've ever wanted to transform your 3D printer into a MIDI playback instrument / speaker, then you'll likely be inspired by this video. Even if you haven't, take a look for a bit of fun.  

Yes, you read it right… Andrew Sink decided to turn his 3D printer into a 3D printer that plays MIDI tunes, specifically the Jurassic Park Theme.

How does it work? Well, according to Hackaday Andrew used a MIDI to G-CODE converter  “specifically designed for making those steppers hum.” 

The end result is what I'd call truly low-fi and ridiculously interesting. Not sure I can see these catching on in a studio near you or me soon… but if we continue to focus on ways of making musical instruments out of objects we don't consider musical, the world might just keep on spinning.

Your thoughts in the comments below?

Source: Hackaday

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Reminds me of when in the early 80s I was a computer operator on a Cray Supercomputer. We had a program where you put 6 tapes on those old huge tape drives you see in 70s computer rooms in films etc and the Cray played tunes on them by the noise of the tape drive motors fast forwarding and rewinding at different speeds.

Cant remember 100% but it might of been multi timbral as it had 6 drives all running at once.

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