Watch Thavius Beck Explain How To Work With Kits In Elektron's Analog Four Synthesizer

Don't be daunted by this powerful synthesizer. Thavius Beck is here to show you how to work with kits quickly and easily - plus a whole lot more!  

Elektron is well known for its unique and powerful synthesizer hardware that is capable of making some amazing sounds. Analog Four is a desktop synth module and in this five minute video from the full course Elektron 201: Analog Four Explained and Explored, synth expert Thavius Beck guides you through the process of selecting from and loading the preset kit patches. 


With a range of controls and parameters available on the front panel, Analog Four might at first seem a little daunting but Thavius explains carefully how to access the different parts of the kit menu and load, build and edit kits easily. For even more in-depth knowledge about this powerful instrument, check out the other videos in the course.

Watch the full course Elektron 201: Analog Four Explained and Explored in the Ask Audio Academy here.

Elektron 201: Analog Four Explained and Explored 

The Analog Four is a very deep and powerful subtractive synth/step sequencer and most electronic musicians may feel intimidated by its complex interface. But don’t get discouraged! This comprehensive course by synth expert Thavius Beck shows you step by step how to master this mighty groovebox.

Thavius starts by showing you how to load and deconstruct preset patterns, and how to build your own from scratch. You discover the ins and outs of Elektron’s renowned step sequencer, how to use parameter locks, sound locks, conditional locks, and how to record patterns by playing live in real time.

After explaining custom kits, managing voices and performance settings, Thavius dives head first into sound design with lots of practical examples. You learn how to create bass, lead and pluck sounds, how to use the flexible arpeggiator, and more. In closing, you learn how to turn loops into full songs with pattern chain and the powerful song mode.

So sit back and join electronic music expert Thavius Beck in this 2-hour+ exploration, and get ready to ascend into Elektron Analog Four digital/analog heaven!

Watch the full course Elektron 201: Analog Four Explained and Explored in the Ask Audio Academy here.

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