Watch Streak FX Max for Live Device Gate & Warp Bassline

Isotonik Studios have released Streak FX, a new audio fx that makes it even simpler to re-shape your sounds with custom effects in Max for Live.   

Good ideas often generate even greater ones: Streak FX is the audio effect derived from Streakulator, the popular midi-modulated audio effect by StrangeLines. It takes the original inspiration and becomes even easier to work with by shaping any sound or synth you put behind it in a whole new rich and complex one, all in a matter of seconds…!

Streak FX is a combination of a custom chorus/flanger engine combined with a bit crushing/distortion section, animated further by a gater effect (you can make it as large or tight as you want), finally falling into a "warp" effect, it that wasn't already enough.

You'll find yourself saying Wow from your very first use, and then fast forward to the point where it's become a default weapon in your arsenal. If you're looking forward for a fast and beautiful experience with uncommon electronic sounds Streak FX is the right tool, if you're into EDM, Drum and Bass or Dubstep this should be mandatory to take you into the very fast lane of music production...

Watch the walkthrough video below to see how this MaxforLive device from StrangeLines can distort, chop, delay and basically transform your audio signal until it's barely recognisable...

Isotonik Studios Streak FX

With a minimal learning curve Streak FX can give you virtual instant results. Install the Live Pack and drag the device into an Audio or MIDI track (after a VST or MIDI Instrument) and control it with MIDI Mapping, Ableton Live's blue hand automap or even Automation Envelopes...




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