Watch Songwriting Secrets Of The Beatles: Chords & Progressions Revealed

In this short video, Scott Freiman explains how the Beatles' approach to chord changes and song structure makes for great pop music. Dive in now to find out how they did it!  

There can't be many people who don't know about the massive influence the Beatles had on the world of popular music. In their relatively short time together, they redefined songwriting for a new generation and their influence is still felt to this day. But how exactly did they do it? In this video from the course Deconstructing The Beatles 101: Chords And Progressions, Scott Freiman answers that question!

Scott uses the Circle Of Fifths to show how, by structuring their songs in specific ways and using certain chord changes, the Beatles built pleasing song patterns that make for great pop songs. If you've ever wondered how to go about writing chord changes that really work well together, this video will help! Check out the rest of the videos in this course to learn much more about how this legendary group went about writing songs.  

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Deconstructing The Beatles 101: Chords And Progressions

Chords ARE magic. They are the foundation of every song. They provide a structure and framework that is fundamental to a song’s form. They also serve as a harmonic canvas for the creation of great melodies and lyrics, especially when used in progressions by master songwriters like The Beatles.

Chords also infuse a song with its emotional impact: Joy, sorrow, excitement, anger and, of course, feelings of love. The Beatles songwriting duo of John Lennon and Paul McCartney understood the power of chords and progressions and employed them to achieve great songwriting success. In fact, the chords that they and George Harrison employed helped sell almost a BILLION ALBUMS worldwide. That’s a lot of albums!

In this Deconstructing the Beatles - Chords and Progressions course, acclaimed Beatles expert Scott Freiman explores the Beatles’ chordal songwriting SECRETS and the music theory behind those progressions. He “deconstructs” more than fifty of their of their hit songs including Hey Jude, Day Tripper, In My Life, In My Life, She Loves You and more.

Watch these videos. Master the theory behind The Beatles Chords and Progressions. And then apply these songwriting secrets to your songs and you, too, can share some of the Lennon & McCartney magic.

So sit back “Because” “It Won’t Be Long” that you’ll have a “Ticket To Ride” and composing hit songs “Eight Days A Week”! Enjoy!!

Watch the full course Deconstructing The Beatles 101: Chords And Progressions in the Ask.Audio AcademymacProVideo | Ask.Video

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