Watch Projekt Dataline Demo Elektron Analog Heat, Roland TB-03, RYTM, Four & Octatrack

This live video demo of the Elektron Analog Heat by Projekt Dataline with the new Roland TB-03 and the RYTM, Four and Octatrack will make you feel toast warm inside.  

It might sound like a cliché, but the upcoming Elektron Analog Heat really does bring warmth and toastiness to sounds. Since its announcement we've come aross a few different demos and examples of it in use. And every time we've been impressed with the character it appears to provide.

In this video Project Dataline is using the enhancement character of the Elektron Analog Heat. He's using the boosting and "slight ducking effect" on the master output of the Octatrack "which is mixing Rytm, Four and a Roland TB-03".

The result is really pleasing, partly down to Projekt Dataline himself knowing how to use the gear ;)


[Via: Projekt Dataline on Facebook]

Read more about Analog Heat here.

Visit the Elektron website here.



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