Watch (Probably) The Best Moog Sub 37 & Mother-32 Performance In The World Ever

If you ever needed a reason to buy a Moog analog synthesizer, then this 16 minute video performance might be it. Surely, the best musical demo of both synths to date.  

This live set performance video by Tibor Domokos might not make you rush out and buy both Moog synths. Or perhaps it will? Doesn’t matter. It’s a glorious, majestic, 16-minute performance in a time when analog synthesizers are the latest trend. As a result there are too many demo videos floating on YouTube that bypass the musicality and emotional capacity of these wonderful music machines. But not in this video...

Sit back/lie down and enjoy the wonderful textures and sonic elements.

At times it’s just the Mother-32 or Sub 37. Sometimes both and occasionally an Ableton Live drum rack is utilized, an Arturia BeatStep Pro and an Eventide TimeFactor Effect too.

If you want a sonic example of how good the Moog Mother-32 and Sub 37 can sound, then this is the video you should be watching (and sharing with your synth-loving friends).

And if you’re still not sure that a Moog synth is your cup of tea (or coffee) and want more convincing… or a complete course on how to get the most out of both analog synths, then check out these two excellent video courses in The AskAudio Academy:


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