Watch Poli Synth in Ableton Live 9.5: Understanding the Oscillator & Filter

This 5 minute video takes you on a surprisingly in-depth tour of Live 9.5's new Poli synth. Looking at the oscillator and filter section, Rishabh Rajan, does an excellent job in this tutorial video.  

The new Max Essentials Pack for Live 9.5 includes three new synthesizers with wide-ranging sound design possibilities and a streamlined set of controls. Rishabh Rajan explores the oscillator and filter section of Poli, “a polyphonic synth that excels at strings, pads, chords, and stabs”.

As you'll see in this 5 minute video from his course on Live 9.5’s New Features the M4L synth, Poli, more than lives up to its description. Rishabh Rajan shows its capabilities through constant tweaking, playing and explanation. 

There's plenty to see and hear from adjusting the osciallators, adding pulse width and cross modulation for a subtle detuning effect, bringing in ring modulation, and adding noise to the main oscillators for an rich sound.

You’ll also get a tour of the filter section. Aside from simply exploring the high pas filter, low pass filter and envelope, and using the MIDI Arpeggiator, Rajan shows how to get a DeadMau5-style chord pattern. So, in just 5 minutes you’ll have learned a surprising amount on using the saw, pulse and sub plus filter section to sculpt some impressive sounds.

Explore the Poli synth in the video above. Go deeper into all the new features in Live 9.5 in the complete course.

Explore the Poli synth in the video above. Go deeper into all the new features in Live 9.5 in the complete course.

And, there’s more videos to watch in the complete course on Ableton Live 9.5: New Features. Rishabh Rajan shows how to program the new Bass Synth, explores the modulation capabilities in Poli, reveals all about the Multi Synth, digs into the new Filter Models and of course, and illuminates the new features in the revamped Simpler instrument.

Watch all 19 videos tutorials from this course here:

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