Watch Olav Basoski Deconstruct a House Music Track in Ableton Live

In this short video tutorial, dance music legend Olav Basoski deconstructs the arrangement of a typical house music track in Ableton Live. The knowledge here can be applied to any DAW.  

Taken from his “Dance Music Styles Demystified” video course, this video tutorial by Olav Basoski shows the arrangement of a house music track with commentary on the key elements that make up the mix and their reasons for  being where they are.

House music is “typically very musically diverse” and can go from disco to jazz to gospel influence. The beats are mostly based on sounds from the infamous Roland drum machines, the TR-909, TR-808, TR-707, TR-727, TR-626 which were available through the mid-80s. And the sound from these machines still form the basis of house music today. 

An Instrument Rack in use in Ableton Live 9.

An Instrument Rack in use in Ableton Live 9. 

Where this video provides an interesting snapshot of a house arrangement, the complete course covers much more, including the beats & bass melody, breakdown and fine details for house music, techno, deep house, trance, standard EDM and Hardstyle EDM. Olav points out the differences between the styles, their individual characteristics and ultimately how you can make them.

Although using Ableton Live 9, the principles here are designed to be DAW-agnostic, meaning you can use the skills you learn in the music software of your choice.

To take your knowledge and skills for producing dance music check out all 29 videos available in the whole course, Dance Music Styles Demystified.

Web: Dance Music Styles Demystified

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