Watch New Elektron Analog Heat & Octatrack in Action

Earlier this week Elektron announced their latest machine: Analog Heat. It's safe to say it set the music making sections of the internet on fire. (doh! Sorry) and now you can see it in action.  

Many across the web have been thoroughly suprised and excited by the announcement of Elektron's Analog Heat. However, a few have been somewhat unimpressed or at the very least undecided about why they'd want an analog distortion unit. But, let me just say the Analog Heat is a lot more than you'd expect from a "distortion" unit. It's a very musical bit of kit that interfaces with Overbridge and, as you'll see below, plays really nicely with Octatrack. Oh, it has a lovely sound to boot.

In this video the Octatrack is MIDI controlling the Filter parameters on the Analog Heat using the Enhancement circuit:



We think this video showcases just why Elektron call Analog an "audio enhancer" and an "audio destroyer" at the same time.


Elektron Analog Heat
Time for some extra heat.

Time for some extra heat.


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