Watch Misa NSC-32 Giant Sequencer & MIDI Controller Cutting Up Vocals, Turntablism Style

When we featured Misa Digital's NSC-32 MIDI sequencer / controller it wowed a lot of us. But, we all wanted to see and understand more about it. This video shows how you can cut off vocals on the fly.  

We were one of the first to notice and share with the world about the incredibly large, and very capable, NSC-32 MIDI sequencer from Misa Digital. You can read our intro story here.

To sum it up, NSC-32 is a Note Sequence Controller that allows the user to manipulate and cue electronic music sequences live. It is an alternative take on a step sequencer and can play up to six sequences (patterns) simultaneously. 

And although we featured a video of it in action previously, there’s so much more it can do. Do, Michael -the man behind Misa Digital- is creating additional videos to showcase what this huge controller is capable of.

In this video Michael tells us he “loads a vocal in to a sampler and cuts it up (turntablism style) with the manual cursor control function (aka. cursor jumping) of the NSC-32.

“The NSC-32 is controlling all elements of the music on three separate channels: the vocals are on midi channel 1, the drums are on midi channel 2 and the bass is on midi channel 3.”

Pricing is currently $1,299 USD plus shipping. 



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