Watch Massive for NI Reaktor, 6-Channel Sample Based Sequencer

In his latest course exploring the best Reaktor ensembles available, Rishabh Rajan showcases Massive, a 6-channel, sample-based sequencer. Watch the short video here.  

Massive, not to be confused with Native Instruments’ Massive synth, is a very flexible and cool Reaktor ensemble capable of great things. To start with, it has 6 channel sequencer for samples. This ensemble gives you full control over the levels, panning and effects for each sound, as well as master channel controls and quantisation. 

It has a convenient way to access snapshots and an easy way to route each channel from Massive to different outputs in your DAW for separate processing.

Watch more videos about Massive and other ensembles in Reaktor 6 here.

The video above is a brief two-minute overview of Massive, but the rest of the videos in the course, Reaktor 6 104: More Ensemble Explored delve into the sequencer controls, modulation sequencer, envelope start and filter grain tabs, delay and send effects and more.

Massive (no, not that Massive) is a worthy sample-based sequencer for Reaktor 6.

Massive (no, not that Massive) is a worthy sample-based sequencer for Reaktor 6.

This course also covers other Reaktor 6 ensembles, including Lazerbass, Oki Computer, and Newscool. Learning these instruments will expand your synth palette, jumpstart your creativity and add a whole library of sounds and techniques to your production toolbox. Newscool, alone, will change the way you think about generating sequences and grooves! So join trainer Rishabh Rajan and see how these Reaktor synths will expand your world of electronic music.

Watch the rest of the videos here.


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