Watch Korg Volca Kick's Self-Oscillating Filter, The Source Of All Its Power

Get to the heart of the deepest bass and kick tones by learning about the way volca kick generates and shapes its sounds.  

Korg's volca kick is one of the coolest members of the volca family, an analog kick generator that can handle anything from kick drums to kick bass. But how does it do it? In this short video from the course volca 105: volca kick Explored, G.W Childs delves into the self-oscillating filter at the heart of this powerful synth and shows how it used to generate deep bass tones. 

You'll see how the filter can be manipulated in real time to create changes in tone, pitch and even modulation and create all kinds of different bass tones and effects. It's remarkable just how varied the results can be with a few tweaks of the hardware. Check out the other videos in the course for a full rundown of the capabilities of volca kick!

Watch the full course volca 105: volca kick Explored in the Ask Audio Academy here. 

volca 105: volca kick Explored

Imagine a device dedicated to generating the most important sound in dance music… the kick drum! Well, that’s exactly what Korg’s volca kick is all about: producing earthshaking kick drum and kick bass sounds! In this course, electronic artist G.W. Childs takes you through every features of this powerful and surprisingly versatile volca device.

The course starts with a close look at volca kick’s interface. You learn all the basics you need to get started, from the initial setup to the different ways you can use the step buttons. Then, you learn how to synthesize your kick using the powerful MS-20 inspired resonant filter, and how to sculpt your sound using the Amp and Pulse sections.

Next, you discover how easy it is to record and save your own patterns, and how to build full songs with the very cool chain mode. You also learn how to get 303-ish basslines out of your volca with the slide function, how to create variations with Touch FX, Bend Reverse, Accents, how to get crazy with Motion Sequencing, and more… Finally, G.W. reveals how to sync your volca kick with other volcas, and how to integrate it in a computer setup using MIDI.

So join G.W. Childs in this volca explored course, and prepare to inject some fat kicks into your beats!

Watch the full course volca 105: volca kick Explored in the Ask Audio Academy here. 

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