Watch Josh Story Blending Modular Synths with Output's Analog Brass & Winds

Here's Josh Story, from Output, blending his modular synthesizer with the latest software product from Output, Analog Brass & Winds.  

Output's recently released Analog Brass & Winds was a big hit here at AskAudio. Think orchestral instruments fused with layers of synths and you'll be somewhat in the right direction. Of course it's the sound design features that Output have added that bring real joy to the process of playing with this capable software instrument.

So, what happens if you combine it with say, modular synths?

Output’s Director of Audio R&D, Josh Story, puts a modern spin on the sounds from ANALOG BRASS & WINDS with analog synths in a modular jam session.

“What I love about modular music making is how I have access to a wide palette of sounds, but there are still times when I need to add additional elements to complete an idea. For this track, I wanted to incorporate sounds from our new instrument ANALOG BRASS & WIND.”

“This track is part of an experimental series I am working on called “Possible Outcomes,” where each piece of music is an outcome of the materials and tools at my disposal in a specific time & space. I began by layering an atmospheric texture (017. Dragonfly), and an arp (037. Bokeh Arps) together over a simple bass line (469. Book of Answers). The swells (086. Morning Brass & 019. Brassy Swells) lead into the beat, which is all coming from the modular.

Taking things one step further, I pre-recorded the Bokeh Arps part into a tape sampler module called Morphagene by Make Noise. I used this part as a way to transition from the tracks prepared in Ableton into a full modular jam.”


  • Sequencer – Winter Modular Eloquencer
  • Kick / Sub – Make Noise STO & Make Noise Maths
  • Snare – Hexinverter Mutant Snare
  • Snare & Ambient Delay – 4ms Dual Looping Delay
  • Ambient Sample – Make Noise Morphagene
  • Random Modulation – Music Thing Modular Turing Machine
  • Clocked Modulation – 4ms Quad Clock Distributer
  • Filters – Serge by Random Source VCFQ; Befaco BF-22 VCF
  • Mixer – Sputnik 6 Channel Stereo Mixer
  • VCAs – Mutable Instrument Veils; Befaco Hex Mix VCA
  • USB Interface – Mutable Instruments CVpal


  • Mic Pres – Shadow Hills Mono Gama
  • Stereo Mix – Pultec EQP-500A; API 2500
  • Interface – UAD Apollo 8p


  • Output Analog Brass & Winds
  • Ableton Live


  • Ableton Push 2

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