Watch How To Use Multiple Compressors Without Squashing Your Signal

It's all too easy to over-compress when mixing things like drums, but with this short, fun video tutorial from Joe Albano you'll find out how to avoid the problem and get great sounding mixes!  

Compression is at the very heart of any mix process, but it can take years of experience to really understand how best to use it. In this five-minute video from the course “10 Common Compression Mistakes” by producer and trainer Joe Albano, you can benefit from Joe’s years of experience and discover the secrets behind getting the most out of compression. Specifically, you’ll see how using more than one compressor can give great results, but must be done in the correct way to avoid squashing the sound.

Using the common example of a multitracked drum kit, Joe demonstrates how to use compressors on each channel of a drum kit in a specific way to bring out the best qualities of each sound: kick, snare, cymbals and more. And when you are using multiple compressors in a chain, you will also see how best to order the processing to avoid compressing too heavily. Unlock the secrets of multiple compression techniques and improve your mixes today!

Watch the complete course, 10 Common Compression Mistakes (To Avoid) in the AskAudio Academy:


10 Common Compression Mistakes 

Compression is difficult to understand. There are a lot of moving parts and this makes it difficult to learn, especially when you’re applying it to tracks in real time. That’s because Compression is a dynamic, fluid process that is influenced by changing input levels, musical genres and the kinds of tracks being processed. Things get even more complicated because compressors have many different kinds of interdependent controls that can quickly lead to serious audio problems. That’s why we created this “Common Compression Mistakes” course. We show you the mistakes and you get to learn from them!

Drawing from his extensive professional experience, expert engineer/trainer Joe Albano has thoughtfully isolated 10 common compressor situations that he feels can confuse new engineers and experienced ones alike. He dives into them one-by-one and then explains the solutions that he feels make the most audio sense.

So learn from Joe’s mistakes in this 10 Common Compression Mistakes course and use that knowledge to dive into your own tracks with “compression confidence” to achieve the best audio dynamic results possible.

Watch the complete course, 10 Common Compression Mistakes (To Avoid) in the AskAudio Academy:


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