Watch How To Set Up Your Podcast Microphone Recording System

Mic types, which stand to choose and how to prevent plosives are just some of the techniques explained in this short video on setting up your podcast system.  

Podcasting has become more popular than ever thanks to the fact that you can now listen to podcasts pretty much anywhere on smartphones. You can even stream them to your Apple Watch! But the process of creating a podcast to a professional standard is like any audio recording and editing task - it has to be done properly. In this short video from the course Podcasting 101: Podcasting Beginner's Guide,  Jonathan Slatter shows you how to set up your microphone for optimum recording results.

Podcasting 101: Podcasting Beginner's Guide

Jonathan explains the benefits of using a USB microphone but you can also use a regular XLR model or as is the case here, one that has both types of connector! He also shows you that you can use a studio mic for podcast recording. Different types of stands are also explained, and you'll learn the benefits of using a boom mic stand as opposed to a desktop-mounted one, which should ensure the mic doesn't accidentally pick up any movement sounds. Later he explains popshieds and why a pop stopper is an essential piece of gear for any vocal recording. Be sure to check out the rest of the videos in this course for a complete guide to creating your own podcast.

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