Watch How To Patch A Buchla Style Synth Using Reaktor Blocks

Join Matthew Friedrichs on a tour of exotic West Coast patches and timbres in this free, live recorded MasterClass using Reaktor Blocks and Lyrebird.  

Matthew Friedrichs is a Reaktor Blocks mastermind. His free set of Blocks called the “Nouveau Collection” placed him firmly on the map as a creator to follow. If you had a chance to watch his lecture earlier this year on “Small oscillators that do a lot”, showcasing more than a few of his blocks from that collection, you would have an even better idea of his skills and knowledge.

Luckily for the growing community of Reaktor Blocks enthusiasts, he didn’t stop there. His newest project, the Lyrebird, is mind-bending in the best way imaginable. Lyrebird is a fully modular Reaktor Blocks synthesizer. And, when I say, “fully modular”, I mean Fully Modular!

Check out this introduction to Matthew’s full-length lecture focusing on the synth. A short improvised ethereal jam session with Lyrebird by its creator.

The full course on going in-depth with Lyrebird is available right now for free on the AskAudio Academy. Go check it out and get a glimpse at a few of Lyrebird’s highlights and be prepared to be impressed!

To brush up your production and composition skills, please consider subscribing to the Ask.Audio Academy to access over 21,000 pro audio training video tutorials.  

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