Watch How to Arpeggiate Any Software Instrument Using Akai Pro Advance Keyboard

Oh, the joys of smart controllers! The Akai Advance is the latest MIDI controller to bear this label, but it does so with a swagger thanks, in part, to the well-designed VIP software.  

In this video tutorial, from his Akai Advance 101 course, Matt Vanacoro shows how you can arpeggiate any software instrument supported by VIP, even those that don't have an arpeggiator built-in, using the Akai Pro Advance Keyboard. In fact, once you've seen what the Akai Advance arpeggiator has to offer you might not want to use the arpeggiator built-in to your DAW or the plug-in instrument!

Akai have provided a surprising amount of control over how the arpeggiator works using the hardware controls with useful feedback provided by the color display. You can adjust time division, note length, octave range, and swing. 

Furthermore there are over 100 arpeggiator pattern presets from Trance, pulse and broken grooves to scales and sound effects. 

Are you the owner of an Akai Advance... or on the fence about what your next intelligent MIDI controller should be? Check out the rest of the videos from Matt's course on the new Akai Advance 101 at AskVideo.

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