Watch How Playful, Hardware AudioCubes Control Synthesizer Wirelessly Using Location & Orientation

Percussa has integrated a cube network visualization feature into SYNTHOR, the digital modular synthesizer for the AudioCubes. This video shows the feature in action.  

For those of you who don’t know SYNTHOR yet, it’s a modular synthesizer application which Percussa is working on, which can be patched using Wireless AudioCubes, simply by placing cubes next to each other. By changing the distance between the cubes, the amplitude of the modulation signals between the modules can be changed. This allows the user to patch wirelessly and change synthesis parameters simultaneously, simply by moving cubes relative to each other. SYNTHOR is currently in BETA and available for free download on the Percussa website.

This new feature lets users visualize the location and orientation of the AudioCubes in the network. As you can see in the video, each time a cube is added or removed from the network the changes are automatically reflected in the visualization window.

Percussa is also planning a patch recall feature, such that if you load a preset file in MIDIBridge containing all SYNTHOR settings, the connections between the cubes and distance will also be recalled, which lets you continue with your modular synth patch and cube setup where you stopped the day before, a feature that’s not or rarely available on traditional hardware modular synthesizers.


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