Watch Hidden Features in New Roland TR-09 Revealed

Roland's re-issue of its classic 909 drum machine as the TR-09 has happened already. But doesn't mean the story is over. This video demonstrates how to access some hidden parameters in the machine.  

When Roland released the TR-09 as part of the Boutique synth range, the most unusual thing you might have expected was seeing a keyboard (the K-25) sitting under the drum machine. It still draws the eye, but that's no longer the most unusual thing. It's been eclipsed by some hidden parameters in the box that have... well... been discovered!

This video from Bonedo shows how to access and adjust some of these "hidden" parameters on the TR-09 Rhythm Composer, such as internal compression and tune and decay settings on the Rim and Claps.

The Roland TR-09 Rhythm Composer retails for $399 USD and aprox. £369 GBP.


[Via: Michael Kruse]

Find out more about the Roland Boutique TR-09 drum machine here.

Visit the Roland website here for more info.


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