Watch Haunting Moog Sub 37, Moog Mother-32 and Meris Hardware Performance From Makeup and Vanity Set

Take a journey with ski masks, haunting soundscapes, mirrors, Moog synths, and Meris processors in this captivating video performance from Makeup and Vanity Set. Just watch it.  

It's pretty common to use the term, "haunting" when describing a piece of synth-driven music like the one below... but this one really owns it. There's an ominoius, cinematic brooding building and building throughout the track in this awesome video performance by Makeup and Vanity Set.

The trick here, due to the suitably dark lighting, is being able to spot the gear being used. Yours truly has somewhow managed to identify the Moog Sub 37 and Moog Mother-32 amongst the hardware synthesizers. And, you'll notice a lot of Meris audio processors too. In fact, Meris confirmed with us that their entire range of audio hardware: 440 Mic Preamp, Ottobit, and Mercury7 Reverb (which we recently reviewed here) are in use and on show.

The Meris Mercury7 Reverb (middle) and Ottobit (right)

The Meris Mercury7 Reverb (middle) and Ottobit (right)

Can you identify the rest of the synths being used in this video? Leave a comment if you can...


Find out more about Meris here.

More about Makeup and Vanity Set here.


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