Watch Erogenous Tones GateStorm Eurorack Gate Generator In Action

One of the most impressive Eurorack module we've spied of late is GateStorm gate generator. Just days after we first reported on it these 3 video tutorials arrive. You gotta love that screen!  

There are three videos featuring Rick Burnett from Erogenous Tones explaining the background, the use of gates (like triggering drums and envelopes), gate generation, and gates and logic.

You can read our news article on the GateStorm here.

Here’s the entire playlist for GateStorm:

GateStorm is, to put it simply, awesome and exciting for modular synth lovers. And these videos prove just how advanced a gate generator this can be.

A close up of the gorgeous (and highly informative) screen on GateStorm.

A close up of the gorgeous (and highly informative) screen on GateStorm.

Overall Features:

  • 8 Gate Generators (4 Complex Lanes & 4 Simple Lanes)
  • 7 Gate Inputs
  • 1 Clock Input for Syncing GateStorm to an external clock
  • Includes TAP TEMPO button as well
  • 4 Local Gate Inputs
  • 2 Global Gate Inputs (1 with integrated button to use when not patched)
  • 6 CV Inputs with Attenuator (Normalized to DC voltage)
  • 8 Gate Outputs (0-10V) with Integrated White LEDs
  • 320×240 High Contrast LCD screen
  • 1 Rotary Encoder with Pushbutton for Data Entry
  • 15 Buttons for Various Parameter Entry
  • USB connection on rear for Firmware Updating
  • 24 HP
  • Skiff Friendly (Very shallow)
  • Power: +12v/-12v
  • Current: [coming soon]
  • Based on ChibiOS RTOS

Pricing from most retailers appears to be $599 USD. For more info visit the Steady State Fate website. 


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