Watch Erica Synths Give A Eurorack & Modular Synths MasterClass!

If you have been in the eurorack or modular synth game you will have undoubtedly heard of Erica Synths. If you are new to the game, you should check them out and watch this video.  

In this Masterclass we welcome Girts & Kodec from Erica Synths. Two gentlemen that clearly know what they are talking about when it comes to modular synthesis and synth module construction. 

In this webinar Kodec shares a bit about HADSR envelopes and how they compare to the more normal ASR. Not only that but we get shown how the differ in the construction of kicks and snares.

This is a preview video from the complete Eurorack Masterclass with Erica Synths:

Watch the complete recorded MasterClass webinar here.

After that Girts gives us a serious lesson on why vacuum tubes are great for analog sound design. Then we are treaty to a first-hand look at patching various modules like delay and chorus modules to step sequencers like Erica Synths’ very own Pico Sequencer.

If that wasn’t enough we got a sneak peek at a forthcoming prototype. An 8 wave LFO device that looks and sounds incredible already!! Be sure to stick around to the end of the webinar to see it In action.

For now, in the video above, check out Girts setting up an arpeggio with their custom made Pico SEQ which is a performance oriented 16 step CV and Gate sequencer, packed with virtually all possible features you may expect from a sequencer, just in 3HP!

Watch the complete recorded MasterClass webinar here.


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