Watch Celldweller Hands-On MiniMoog Model D Synth Demo at MoogFest 2016

Moog's Minimoog Model D has been the talk of the synth-corner of the internet since we spotted two days ago. In this video Celldweller demos the new version at MoogFest and explains what's new.  

What’s new with the reissue of the Minimoog Model D? The filter envelope can be used as a modulation source, and there’s a new analog LFO. The keyboard allows for velocity controls and aftertouch. There’s pitch and gate CV outputs as well… oh and CV input. Then there’s MIDI In/Out/Thru too, amongst other new features.

In this video direct from MoogFest 2016 by artist, producer, performer, synthesist, Celldweller, we get up close to the the new Minimoog Model D. We also get to hear the Model D in action:

Main Features

  • Moog Music has not changed the sound engine from the original Minimoog Model D.
  • Filter Contour and Analog LFO as modulation sources.
  • Fatar TP-9 keybed w/ Velocity and Aftertouch.
  • External Modulation CV Input.
  • CV Outputs for Pitch, Aftertouch, Gate and Velocity.
  • MIDI In, Out and Thru.
  • Moog has improved circuit board connectors for more reliable live performance, especially in touring situations.
Celdeweller playing the new Moog MiniMoog Model D

Celdeweller playing the new Moog MiniMoog Model D at MoogFest.

The first batch of the Moog Music Minimoog Model D is set to ship mid-June, so get a move on to pre-order before June 15th, 2016.

[Via: Vintage King]  


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