Watch Bob Moog Explain The Modular Synthesizer

In less than 2 minutes, one of the pioneers of synthesis, Bob Moog, explains and demonstrates the basics of synthesis.   

Demonstrating on the Moog Modular analog synthesizer, Bob Moog brings a refreshingly concise, clear approach to understand what synthesis is and how it works. Without an ego or “look-at-me” attitude, Bob Moog explains synthesis concepts like harmonics and filters in a way any non-synthesist would easily be able to understand. With AskAudio being an education portal for music and audio production this is something we particularly appreciate and value. 

Moog synthesizers are even more popular today than they were back when Bob Moog walked among us. Artists from Stevie Wonder to The Beatles, Daft Punk to Radiohead and Portishead have used Moog synths. You can listen to Portishead’s Adrian Utley’s Synth Stories where he talks about using the Minimoog analog synth on their cover of ABBA’s SOS.

[Via: Moog Foundation Facebook page]

Learn Synthesis here.

Learn the Moog Mother-32 & Moog Sub-37 here.

More on the Bob Moog Foundation site.



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