Watch Befaco Demo Eurorack Analog Spring Reverb Module

Befaco is synonymous with professional DIY musical hardware.  In this Eurorack Masterclass we get a good look at their newest gear and a good listen to a couple freestyle modular sessions!  

In this highlight video, you get a good look at these guys and their good nature when they repeatedly pick up and drop there custom Eurorack case filled with custom gear so we could get a listen to their analog spring reverb module. 

Befaco Eurorack MasterClass

If you like to build your own DIY modular synths and effects than you have most likely heard of Befaco from Spain. If you haven’t, we can help. We got together with them for a one-hour long live video Eurorack MasterClass. It was awesome having them take time away from building new modules, running workshops, and making music to teach us a bit about their craft and their gear.

Befaco modules.

Between the long freestyle modular jam sessions and the Q & A we got a look at several their custom synths; the Hexa VCA Mixer, Rampage, Slicer, VC ADSR, and more. Including their prototype of the Chopping Kinky which is a dual wave folder controller! 

The entire class is packed with good information, laughs, great gear and good vibes. 

Watch the entire Befaco Masterclass in the AskAudio Academy for FREE here.

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