Watch Artificial Noise LAB:1 Synthesizers Experimental Demo

If you like experimental synthesizers, then Artificial Noise's LAB:1 will likely appeal. It's a hand-made, 6 oscillator, analog machine. And they're not taking pre-orders for a second batch.  

May 06, 2016–The first batch of LAB:1 Synthesizer's was such a success, we're doing a second run! To mark the occasion, I've also made a new video with FOUR LAB:1 synthesizer's playing live!

PRESALE for Batch 2: May 06, 2016 - June 17, 2016

Price is $335 + Shipping & Handling

The LAB:1 Synthesizer is a 100% analog, 6 oscillator experimental synthesizer. It features 3 audio oscillators (with Triangle, Sawtooth and Square waveforms), 3 low frequency oscillators (with Triangle and Square waveforms) and 1 voltage controlled low pass filter. The 6 oscillators can be routed in various ways by switches on the front panel. The 3 audio oscillators can also be triggered individually by three buttons on the top of the case or allowed to run freely. Artificial Noise is taking preorders for the second batch of LAB:1's now.

Artificial Noise LAB:1 Synth

Artificial Noise LAB:1 Synth

[Via: Matrix Synth]



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