Watch Adele and Katy Perry Producer Showcase Waves H-Reverb on Lead Vocals

If vocals are the most important instrument on a pop track, then the way a reverb responds to a vocal is of vital importance too. Producer, Greg Wells, shows how effective Waves H-Reverb is for him.  

Top producer and mixing engineer Greg Wells (Adele, Katy Perry, Weezer) has been using H-Reverb on his tracks since it was in BETA. In this excellent video from Waves Audio, Greg explains his process for using H-reverb on vocals, including his own presets, and also what makes H-Reverb superior to other reverb plug-ins. (Spoiler alert: We're talking about how H-Reverb deals with the end of the reverb tail.

Anyway, watch the video if you want to learn more. H-Reverb is certainly worth checking out.

(Please note: The version of H-Reverb used here is a prototype of the plugin with a slightly different graphical interface, but otherwise identical to the final product.)

Oh, and H-Reverb is currently on sale for just $199 (normally $349).


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