Watch Ableton Push 2 Power Tips With Thavius Beck

What happens when you put Thavius Beck an Ableton Push 2 and a live-stream video feed in a room for 2 hours? An awesome amount of power tips and workflow tips for Ableton Push users.  

Ableton’s Push 2 is an incredible piece of hardware when paired with Live. Thavius Beck is an accomplished performer, producer and professor of music. Imagine the possibilities of what would happen when you get them all together and set them loose on camera for a couple hours. 

In this 2-hour MasterClass Thavius shares quite a few of his power tips for working with Ableton’s Push 2 both in a studio setting and with a live performance mindset. 

He starts off by going over drum sequencing, then delves into melodic midi control, and finishes off the lecture with a peak at his live show set he uses on tour. From getting started with the Push 2, to workflow tips, to full on project management, there is sure to be something in this video for everyone!

In the highlight video below watch how he effortlessly sets up a few dummy clips that, when launched using follow actions, send midi information to the Push 2 which then displays a visual metronome.

Watch the entire Ableton Push 2 Masterclass video here.



Joshua Casper is an accomplished live performer, DJ, producer, and music educator. His specialties are centered in and around Ableton Live and Native Instruments. His educational material has been featured on and as well as a myriad of large music production websites. His music has been featured on Read More


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