Watch A Quick Tour Of Elektron's RTYM And Overbridge With Thavius Beck

Find out how to combine this cool analog drum machine with your DAW using the Overbridge technology.  

Elektron's Analog Rytm is a powerful 8-voice analog drum machine with sample support and when paired with the company's Overbridge technology it can be seamlessly integrated into DAWs like Ableton Live. In this short 3 minute video from expert trainer Thavius Beck, you'll get a quick overview of the layout of the hardware and a look at how to integrate it with Overbridge. 

Thavius walks you through the design of the hardware and software and the theory and practice involved in different methods of linking the two: hardware audio routing but also software routing. You can route all your audio out of the Rythm hardware over USB and also back into the hardware to take advantage of its effects. Check out the other videos in the course to get the lowdown on this powerful combo!

Elektron 101: Overbridge And RYTM

Elektron’s RYTM with its analog sound makes it the first choice of the some of top beat-makers in the world. Add in its powerful sequencing and control, mix it up with Overbridge and pair that with Ableton Live... and BAM!!!… you’re in analog beat heaven.

But how does it all work? And how do you get started? Well, don’t fret, because producer/performer Thavius Beck is here to show you the way. Join him in this in-depth 20-tutorial course and you’ll learn the workflow, expert tips & tricks and some very cool insights that only Thavius can provide.

So kick back and get ready to learn everything Elektron!

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