Wanna Learn to DJ? Join the Skrillex Academy like DJ Wh1pla$h (or Not)

If you haven't already seen this parody video trailer for DK Wh1pla$h (Whiplash) from the good folk at Nacho Punch, then drop everything you're doing and check it out. It's time to become a DJ...  

This is probably one of the most hilarious parody videos on learning to DJ ever. You've been warned. No drinking or eating whilst watching…

Nacho Punch have come up with the goods again in this excellent video showing a young DJ who is struggling to make it at Skrillex Academy. It's like a cross between a boot camp and.. well a pretty lame DJ school! There are too many great one liners and delivery is supremely well done… Watch out for the Bobby McPherin joke…

Fortunately the Skrillex Academy (at least the one in this video) isn't real! So, if you want to improve your music production chops (from EDM to Rock and back again) AskVideo is the place to go… and it's online ;-)

Nacho Punch YouTube Channel: http://bit.ly/Ijvuwg

Learn EDM production techniques: AskVideo

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