Waldorf Unveils Blyafeld, Vodka-Driven Synthesizer

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Fяom Яussia with Love: This year, Waldorf has prepared a Russian version of one of their classics. We present the new Blyafeld from our sub-brand dawaidorf. Beware, you might not be stroganoff to handle all the features of this new device.

Shape your waveforms with vodka, beer and other beverages! Get lost in the Matryoshka Modulation Matrix! Indulge yourself with the finest dishes from the Russian cuisine like Solyanka, Pelmeni, Olivier salad and more!

The new Blyafeld comes with an arpeggiator pattern for "Kalinka" and some sounds made especially for this device, featuring Balalaika, Theremin, Rozhok and Gusli sounds.

Warning: Turning up the heat in the sauna will result in serious injury from birch twigs. The combination of Kalinka and Vodka may cause memory loss of presets. Amp Attack was replaced with a mouse trap, so you better watch your fingers. Waldorf accepts no liability in any cases. 

Via: Waldorf on Facebook


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