VocALign, Revoice Pro and Titan 20% Discount Sale

Until 22nd March, 2015, you can grab 20% off on the excellent VocAlign, Revoice 3 and Titan at the Synchro Arts website. More details below...  

The Discounts

Synchro Arts are currently celebrating our 'new look' website by offering a 20% discount across our full range of unique audio processing software VocALign, Revoice Pro and Titan.  

This offer runs until midnight 22 March 2015 and you can visit our new look Synchro Arts website here and view all discount prices there too. 

Additionally, owners of Revoice Pro 2 licenses purchased on or after 1 May 2014 can click here to upgrade to a Revoice Pro 3 license free of charge. 

Unsure what Revoice 3 is? 

As a reminder, Revoice Pro 3 is Synchro Arts latest pro-audio solution for instantly aligning and tuning audio. It provides high-quality processes for pitch and timing modification, tightening stacks of double tracks, synching ADR, creating double tracks and much more. 

Watch the Revoice Pro 3 overview video here:

Need more convincing? Pro-Audio Users' Comments 

Francesco Cameli – Engineer: Queen, Genesis, Eric Clapton, Mariah Carey, Muse and Adele:

“Revoice Pro 3 saves an obscene amount of time that used to be spent. I find it an incredibly musical plug-in because it allows you to make stuff tight and in tune with itself but still have variants. So you end up with backing and lead vocals that you can really push forward in a mix and into sounds. Killer to my ears."  

Val Garay – Grammy Award Winning Producer:  Marvin Gaye, Elton John and Dolly Parton and Steven Spielberg: 

"I use Revoice Pro to create double vocal parts and harmonies. It saves me lots of time and energy, which can be spent elsewhere.”  

Chris Garcia - Producer and Composer: Lana Del Ray, Celine Dion, Katy Perry and Santana:

“The best sounding doubler I have ever heard!”  

Renée Tondelli – Dialogue and ADR Editor 'American Hustle'. 'Django Unchained':

“I started using Revoice Pro on 'American Hustle' and I was surprised at how quickly and perfectly it matched sync without sonic artifacts. I now use the pitch function to match performances, and it works incredibly well. Because Revoice Pro is so fast and precise, it's now my go to tool.”  

Web: Synchro Arts 

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