Vocal Recording In Logic Pro: Your Mic Options Explained

Hear some popular mics tried and tested in this Logic Pro X recording shootout with producer Josh Carney to better understand your mic choices and positioning options when recording.  

A great vocal take can make the difference between a good track and one that sounds amazing. And understanding not only how to edit and process vocals but how to get the best possible take at the source is the key to achieving optimum results. In this video from the advanced course Logic Pro X 502: Studio Series - Recording Vocals, expert producer Joshua Carney shows you the various options you have regarding mic positioning, choices and placement.

Logic Pro X 502: Studio Series - Recording Vocals

Josh starts by demonstrating the Shure SM7B and then the Lawson L251 - recording the video's sound on each different mic model as he goes along, so you are able to clearly identify the different tones and characters that each one brings to the recording. He also discusses the various techniques you will need to know when recording dialogue as opposed to singing. Next up is the Warm WA-87 and then the AKG C414, plus a few other choice models. By comparing and contrasting the results you will be able to judge for yourself which kinds of mics and positions are going to suit your needs - and improve your vocal recording skills in Logic Pro X!

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