Vocal Production Tips: Danny Kirsch, Top 10 Producer, Shows How To Comp The Chorus

There’s more than meets the eye when it comes to producing vocals for any genre. Danny Kirsch, with credits for multiple world-wide top 10 hits, shows how he comps the vocal chorus in Logic Pro X.  

If you’ve ever wondered what it’s like to be looking over the shoulder of a producer with numerous top 10 credits while they’re editing vocals, then you’ll love this video tutorial from his complete course, Dance Music Master 112: Danny Kirsch Topline Vocal Production.

In this video tutorial, Danny shares his thought processes and practical insights when it comes to comping vocals recorded in Logic Pro X. You can gain benefit regardless of the DAW you use as this video focus primarily on his production workflow as he pieces together parts of the vocal line he feels fit together best.

Watch all the videos from Danny’s course here.

Danny Kirsch | Topline Vocal Production

In electronic dance music, a top line producer is often sent an instrumental track. He listens, gets inspired and then composes the melody and the lyrics. But that's just the beginning. Next comes the vocalist and the recording and the final production of the vocal tracks. 

In this course, top line producer Danny Kirsch takes you through his vocal production workflow. Starting with an Olav Basoski instrumental track, you sit with Danny in the studio as he works with the singer and records the vocals to complement Olav’s work. 

Then, join Danny as he explains the vocal editing process where he arranges, harmonizes and then tunes the vocals using his favorite software tools. Finally, see how he mixes his newly created vocals to perfectly match, fit and enhance the initial Olav Basoski track.

So watch this course now to learn how producer Danny Kirsch creates his acclaimed top lines in this live-action, 34-tutorial, Dance Music Masters course. Be sure to watch all of the courses in this collection to get hot tips from the best EDM producers on the planet!

Learn more about Danny Kirsch and his credits here: http://www.dannykirsch.com

Watch the complete video course on vocal production by Danny Kirsch here.


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