Vinyl Record Sales To Go Mainstream At UK SuperMarket

"Milk. Check. Bread. Check. Vinyl Record Album. Check." Could this be what your shopping list looks like in a few months time? Tesco's would like to make that happen.  

We’ve been told countless times that vinyl record sales are bucking the trend of physical music. i.e. last year they went up with over one million being sold according to the BPI.

That points to the success of small, boutique record shops and artists selling their albums on limited edition vinyl online perhaps. But, what we perhaps didn’t expect to see was one of the biggest supermarket chains in the UK deciding to jump on the bandwagon.

According to engadget, Tesco UK will start stocking vinyl records by the end of 2015. Since they’ve already been selling turntables in their largest stores, Tesco music buyer Michael Mulligan added, “giving our customers some new vinyl to play on those decks seems like the logical next step."

Initially Tesco will start with sales of Iron Maiden’s The Book of Lost Souls next week in 55 of their flagship stores. It’s anybody’s guess whether this will help push vinyl album sales beyond one million for 2015, and how the small, trendy record store sales will be affected, if at all, in the long-run.

One thing is for certain. Your grocery shopping list is likely to look a little different from now on.

Via: Engadget

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