Video Sneak Peek: Novation Circuit Update To Add Impressive New Features

Novation are preparing an incredible new update that has some of the Circuit community wowed. This video preview of the update in action shows what is making so many Circuit users so happy.  

In case you didn’t know, Novation Circuit is a Groovebox and synth machine, like a cross between the Launchpad and Bass Station. It’s already a great much machine (can be used standalone or connected to a computer). But the new update - we still don’t know when it will be released - will make it even better.

Thanks to Scott Hamlin who tipped us off about this video by Nick de Friez showcasing some of the features in the soon to be released Novation Circuit update. 

If you’re already a Circuit user then you may be aware of what’s happening in the video… if not here’s what we’ve gathered from some of the comments in the Facebook  group for Circuit

  • Multiple sounds per channel
  • Play all drum banks in realtime
  • Live session jumping
  • Record sample changes live

The general concensus is that Novation are really nailing it when it comes to updating and adding features to Circuit. Looks like there are a lot of VERY happy Circuit owners out there.

Do you spot any more changes in Circuit via this video? Add your voice to the comments below.


[Via: Scott Hamlin on Facebook] 

Novation Circuit FB Group post

Novation Circuit website

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Novation are killing it. I held off on the Circuit till the last update as I really wanted to be able to edit the built in synths.
The addition of being able to play the sample banks in real time is a game-changer. It'll give you 2 very capable synths, a fantastic multi channel polyphonic sequencer, and now MPC-lite style sample playback, all with change from £300.
I'd have to think pretty hard for a reason to not buy one.

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