Vermona twinCussion Drum Synthesizer Eurorack Module Now Available

While we love the name, twinCussion, we'e also intrigued to find out more about this dual channel drum synth eurorack module from Vermona, that follows on from the DRM1 and Kick Lancet.  

Vermona tell us that since the success of the past 15 years of DRM1 and 6 years of Kick Lancet, they are taking their expertise on electronic drum sounds to Eurorack modular systems with twinCussion.

twinCussion is a “single module covering the whole spectrum of analog drum- and effect-sounds".

"The module consists of two sensibly structured sound engines. Use these to create two different sounds fast and easy or combine both engines to sculpt more complex sounds. Numerous in- and outputs allow you to open up the predefined structures and expand these endlessly.”

We can’t wait to see/hear twinCussion module in action. Unfortunately, there are no video or audio demos right now. But, that should change in the near future.

Vermona twinCussion drum synth module

Vermona twinCussion drum synth module.

In the meantime, here’s more information on the twinCussion dual channel drum-synthesizer eurorack module from the Vermona website, along with spec:

twinCussion is a dual channel drum-synthesizer module. Its components are explicitly designed to create percussive sounds while its flexible interconnections make it a must-have for rhythm based modular systems.

Special units A and B

twinCussion offers two sensibly structured sound engines, each consisting of an oscillator (complemented by a noise generator in engine 2), a voltage controlled amplifier and an envelope generator. Both sound engines can be used independently or being combined for more complex sounds. The internal structure can be edited and expanded at will, thanks to the multiple in- and outputs being available.

Versatile expert

twinCussion is a versatile sound chameleon. Although its sound engine is specialized in electronic drum sounds, it is not limited to specific instruments of this genre. This module generates pushing bass drums, prominent snares and chirping hi-hats with ease. And there is much more to twinCussion if using a little creative patching. Unleash numerous sounds like wooden clicks, metallic pings and a lot more.


  • EG1/EG2 trigger threshold: +2 V
  • EG1/EG2 output levels: +5 V
  • max. CV input levels: ±5 V
  • max. output levels VCO A/VCO B: <7.5 VSS
  • max. output levels noise generator: <7.5 VSS

Maximum Power Consumption

  • +12 V: 105 mA
  • –12 V: 70 mA
  • +5 V: -

Dimensions / Weight

  • Width/Height: 24 HP (121.5 mm) / 3 U
  • Depth: 45 mm
  • Weight: 380 g



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