UVI Releases Plurality, A New Sound Design Expansion For Falcon 2

From the mind and ears of Simon Stockhausen comes Plurality, an essential collection of sounds for Falcon continuing the cinematic sonic explorations of Ether Fields. Here's more about it.  

Paris, October 24th, 2019 - UVI has released Plurality, a new expansion for Falcon from acclaimed sound designer Simon Stockhausen. Following on the sonic explorations of Ether Fields, Plurality pushes the boundaries of modern cinematic sound design with this essential collection. Simon’s technical prowess and musical ear are on full display combining numerous sampled instruments and classical synthesis techniques to craft 105 patches including atmospheric pads, ambient soundscapes, strings, flutes, tonal percussions, electronic arps, keys and more. Plurality is available now for $39/39€.

All of Plurality’s presets are completely editable, making them equally useful as starting points or destinations. Extensive pre-mapped macros provide clear modulation options and easy automation control tailored specifically to each patch. Sounds can be quickly layered, tweaked and animated providing endless creative potential.

Plurality leverages the advanced synthesis capabilities and software architecture of Falcon, with 16 oscillators, over 90 effects and a fast and intuitive interface that easily handles both basic tasks and deep instrument design. All presets have been programmed with macros which provide the user with easy access to the key parameters of each patch. These may be controlled via MIDI, OSC, host automation and Lua scripting, allowing for easy customization and expressive performance capabilities.

Plurality requires UVI Falcon. Falcon offers native 64-bit operation as a stand-alone application and is available as a plug-in supporting all popular formats on both Mac and Windows. One license allows simultaneous authorization on up to 3 computers or iLok keys.

Pricing And Availability

Plurality is available immediately for $39 / 39€ from uvi.net, or for free with the purchase of Falcon 2 during the Falcon 2 introductory sale.

Falcon and 2 free Falcon Expansions are available at the reduced price of $244 / 244€ through October 27th 2019 (regularly $427 / 427€). Discount applied automatically when users add Falcon and 2 Falcon Expansions of their choice to their cart.

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