Using Novation Launchpad Pro To Control Grooveboxes & MIDI Instruments

By hooking up your Launchpad Pro to a groovebox or other MIDI device you can get hands-on control in ways you may not have expected. Thavius Beck shows you how in this short video.  

Launchpad Pro is a great tool for controlling not only Ableton Live but also practically any MIDI-triggered hardware or software device you can think of. In this short video from the course Launchpad Pro 101: Produce And Perform, Launchpad expert Thavus Beck shows you how to use Launchpad to control a groovebox. In this case, Novation's Circuit. 

Thavius shows you how to use the MIDI fader mode on Launchpad to control synth sounds on Circuit by connecting the two boxes together. He also demonstrates how to control the groovebox's synth engine in real time from Launchpad. You'll see that it makes a great controller for your MIDI-triggered software and hardware. Be sure to check out the rest of the videos in the course for the complete guide to all of Launchpad Pro's features!

Watch the full course Launchpad Pro 101: Produce And Perform in the Ask.Audio Academy | macProVideo | Ask.Video

Launchpad Pro 101: Produce And Perform

We love controllers because they allow us to fuse our musical inspirations with our DAWs and the Launchpad Pro is designed for that perfect fusion. In this course, awesome performer/educator Thavius Beck guides you through every inch of this controller and explains, with great enthusiasm and clarity, how best to use it.

You learn about Launchpad Pro controls. Thavius explains how to record both DrumRacks and pitched instruments. Then he explores the Device as well as User and Standalone modes. Then, there’s a collection of videos explaining how to use Launchpad Pro with other Novation products like: Bass Station and Circuit. He explores different DJ setups too!

Finishing this course makes you a Thavius Beck “Certified” Launchpad Pro expert!

Watch the full course Launchpad Pro 101: Produce And Perform in the Ask.Audio Academy | macProVideo | Ask.Video

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