Using Chaos Oscillators To Bring Movement To Your Bass Sounds In Serum

An element of unpredictability can be programmed into your synths to add character, warmth and depth to any bass patch. Multiplier shows you how.  

Adam Pollard AKA Multiplier has produced some great introductory courses covering the fundamentals of bass sounds for dance music. In this more advanced course he takes things to the next level, revealing the secrets the professionals use to create really unique, signature bass patches. In this six minute video from the course Dance Music Sound Design 301: Bass Advanced, Adam focuses on the use of chaos oscillator tools to add slight imperfections to electronic bass sounds. 

Adam shows you practical, hands-on examples of using modulators to emulate analog pitch drift to add movement and a retro, vinyl character to basses. In particular he looks into chaos oscillators which you can program but which also add their own unpredictable changes to the signal for a unique effect. Check out the rest of the videos in this course to learn all the tricks of the trade when it comes to making unique bass patches. 

Watch the complete course Dance Music Sound Design 301: Bass Advanced in the Ask Audio Academy here.

Dance Music Sound Design 301: Bass Advanced

The basic bass sound design course in this series explained the concepts. You know, oscillators, filters envelopes, etc. This advanced course builds on that knowledge and delivers a wild electronic world of tools and techniques you can use to create some of the most supercharged and distinctive sounding bass parts anywhere.

It doesn’t matter what kind of synth you use or what style of electronic music you generate. It doesn’t even matter if you’re using software or hardware synths. The concepts and sonic explorations that this course covers are universal. So if you're looking to make your bass sounds powerful, unique or just plain crazy, watch this advanced course by dance music expert Adam Pollard. We promise that you’ll come away with a ton of bass design ideas and inspiration.

And be sure to watch all of the courses in this ever-expanding series we call Dance Music Sound Design!

Watch the complete course Dance Music Sound Design 301: Bass Advanced in the Ask Audio Academy here.


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