Using Apple Mainstage's AutoSampler To Create Virtual Instruments From Any Source

Take the tedium out of sampling any source - real or virtual - and creating your own instruments with AutoSampler in MainStage and Logic Pro. Matt Vanacoro shows you how.  

Building your own sampled instruments can be a long and tedious process - unless you know about the AutoSampler built into Mainstage! In this short video from the course Logic Pro FastTrack 304: Auto Sampling With MainStage, Matt Vanacoro explains what AutoSampler is and how it can take a lot of the work out of creating multisampled instruments. 

As well as bringing over your existing sample collections, AutoSampler also helps you to sample your hardware synths and other instruments. Since it is compatible with the EXS24 sampler engine, instruments that you create in MainStage can be easily shared with Logic Pro as well! You can even sample legacy virtual instruments to make them usable in the latest version of your DAW. Matt shows you all of this and more in the full course - so check it out today!

Watch the full course Logic Pro FastTrack 304: Auto Sampling With MainStage in the Ask.Audio Academy here.

Logic Pro FastTrack 304: Auto Sampling With MainStage

Creating multi-layered sample instruments in Logic was a tedious, time-consuming process until Apple built the AutoSampler technology into MainStage! Now it’s really easy… if you know what you’re doing! And since Logic and MainStage share the same libraries, every EXS24 sample instrument you create using MainStage’s AutoSampler automatically appears in Logic’s Library.

In this course, by Logic Pro expert Matt Vanacoro, you learn how to auto-sample your hardware synths, your CPU-heavy software synth plugins and third-party samplers. You see how to create CPU efficient EXS24 sample instruments out of anything and everything, including your Eurorack!

So whether you use Logic or MainStage, join Matt as he takes you step-by-step through AutoSampler and see how you can transform your collection of hardware and software synths into powerful and Logic Pro X EXS24 instruments. This is a game changer!

Watch the full course Logic Pro FastTrack 304: Auto Sampling With MainStage in the Ask.Audio Academy here.

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