Using Apple Loops in Pro Tools

The idea of using Logic Pro's Apple Loops in Pro Tools might feel counter-intuitive. But, these loops are a great resource which can be accessed and used for creative ideas directly in Pro Tools.  


One of the key reasons Logic Pro is so popular as a creative DAW is the fact that you get 55 GB of content '

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Is Apple Loops no longer apart of "Mountain Lion"? Do I need to download and install Garageband? The application store has many comments reagarding that Jampacks is no longer available. I'm confused.
Hi dellel

On a Mac you get Apple Loops with GarageBand, which is part of iLife, which comes free with every Mac. You also get a huge number of Apple Loops with Logic Pro (which are the loops that used to come on Jam Pack disks, now no longer available). If you have a Mac that does not have GarageBand, or Logic Pro, you can purchase them on the Mac App Store, or find an iLife 11 install disc on eBay.

Hope that makes sense - good luck!

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