Ableton의 푸시를 사용하여

Watch Rishabh Rajan's latest extraordinary mashup of Porter Robinson's Worlds using Ableton Push, Ableton Live, and the very cool and bizarre Korg Miku Stomp guitar pedal.  

뮤지션, 프로듀서, 수행자, 혁신, 트레이너 모든 말씀은 Rishabh 인스 라잔을 설명하는,하지만 당신은보고 그를 정말 감사하기 위해 자신의 매쉬업을 듣고 있어요.

RISHABH 포터 로빈슨 2014 릴리스, 세계의 노래의 선택에 다른 테이크를 가지고, Ableton의 푸시와 (미국이나 유럽에서 아직 출시되지 않은) 코르그 미쿠 스톰프 기타 페달 등 최신 기술을 사용합니다.

우리는 매시업, 그가 사용하는 장비와 영감에 대해 Rishabh 인스 물었다. 자신의 말로, Rishabh 인스는 말했다 :

“The main inspiration for this mashup is Porter Robinson’s album, Worlds. Personally it’s my favorite album of this year. I’d been working on the mashup for about a month, but when I got the Miku Stomp I figured it would work really well with this mashup as Porter Robinson himself used a vocaloid voice for a couple of the tunes in his album. 
“For someone who understands Japanese, the Miku Stomp phrases I created are going to sound like gibberish because I used the random mode for pretty much all the parts but for someone who doesn’t understand Japanese (like me) it creates an aesthetic which is quite novel and works pretty well if I may say so myself. The whole anime world is quite fascinating to me so having the ability to create something that even remotely sounds similar is quite exciting.”

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What is he using to make the push do that with the lights?
Hi Zach, I believe it's a Max for Live device :)

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