Unmix: Isola Pro FX Separates Mixed Audio In Real Time

There are tools that remove vocals from mixed music tracks using phase. Isola Pro FX, however, is more powerful for extracting any instrument from mixes and can be used to generate filter effects too.  

Isola Pro FX is an innovative and new audio plugin for separating audio input material into its components. Unlike many other products using simple left and right channel subtraction or phase/invert filter methods, the underlying algorithm works in real time by using psychoacoustic analysis.

Another great advantage compared to state of the art products is the fact, that you can extract any feature from a mix you want in real time, so the tool is not restricted to vocals only but can even extract single instruments from an audio mix.

To achieve this, Isola Pro FX is using the MIDI input containing the corresponding notes of the vocals or instruments to be isolated.

Here's how Isola Pro FX can separate vocals from a Bryan Adams song in 24 seconds:

Isola Pro FX reveals new capabilities to you in creative audio processing:

  • Isolate vocals from songs where the original tracks have been lost and use them in new remixes.

  • Extract instruments like fast guitar solos out of dense mixes to learn the single notes.

  • Get the drum loops out of cool old songs and use them in new arrangements.

Pricing and availability:

  • The full version of Isola Pro FX is available for 179,- Euro, and there is a 7 days rental version for 19,- Euro. Isola Pro FX is available as a VST plugin for Windows and MacOS. For more information, many demo videos, and a demo version please check out the product page. 

Price: €179 EUR to buy / €19 EUR to rent for 7 days

Web: http://www.lakeside-audio.de/isolaprofx.php

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The end result seems better than the Audionomix products, but getting there seems more difficult.
I'm curious to know how deep in the mix can it go. That is, can it get past the main instruments to more background ones.
Not exactly perfect. The words were slurred and I heard a hint of a note or two. Still, pretty impressive.

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