Unlock The Secrets Of Mastering With These 3 Short Videos

Mastering is a key part of producing sound and music. These pro video courses will help you get to grips with the process, whatever your DAW or platform.  

Mastering your music is the vital final stage in the production process and happily, one that has become accessible to anyone with the advent of software-based solutions. But what about the art and science behind the mastering process? After all, just having the tools is only half the battle. At the AskAudio Academy we have lots of courses dedicated to helping you get better end results through mastering, from DAW-specific courses to more general mastering advice that anyone can benefit from. Here are three of them. 

10 Common Mastering Mistakes

So many things can go wrong in the mastering process and some of them begin before you even start. For instance, even something simple like your monitoring setup, which colors everything you hear even before you start any processing, could be leading you astray! But it goes even deeper... there's EQ management, compression, limiting... So much technology to understand and apply. Join expert producer Joe Albano to learn about the 10 most common mastering mistakes, and how to avoid them! In this video, learn about the pitfalls of incorrect monitoring techniques. 

Watch the full course: AskAudio | macProVideo | AskVideo 

Mastering EDM Tracks In Logic Pro X

Becoming a good mastering engineer is a lot like learning how to play an instrument. It takes a lot of hard work, practice and ear-training. In fact, a mastering engineer’s “instrument” is actually a varied collection of hardware and software that works together to bring out the best in any track. Luckily, Logic Pro X comes with a plethora of advanced dynamics, EQ and audio enhancing tools to help make your EDM tracks explode with excitement and clarity. In this video, Mo Volans breaks down the process of parallel compression and in the full course, covers all aspects of mastering EDM in Logic Pro. 

Learn all about mastering EDM in Logic Pro in the AskAudio | macProVideo | AskVideo  

WaveLab 9: Absolute Beginner's Guide

WaveLab 9 is an all-in-one, audio editing, processing, analyzing and mastering app. It has many sophisticated tools, and you really need to know your way around it to get the most out of it. Matt Hepworth starts off by explaining the GUI, the workspace, the various editing modes and the basics of WaveLab's file organization. Once that all important housekeeping is out of the way, he plunges into WaveLab’s advanced Audio Editor. In this video from the full course, you'll learn about WaveLab's three editing modes and how each one can help you improve your workflow to achieve the best results. 

Watch the course WaveLab 9: Absolute Beginner's Guide here and learn the fundamentals of this powerful mastering application. (Or watch it over at macProVideo or AskVideo).

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