Understanding Waveform Graphs In Less Than One Minute

So you want to understand all about sound, waveforms and hearing and how that can be translated for your productions? You've come to the right place.  

Keeping explanations short and sweet can often be a good thing. That's why NonLinear Educating (macProVideo, Ask.Video and AskAudio Academy) have launched a new series called AudioPedia. Tha aim of this series of video courses is to break dowm the confusing terminology into bite-sized video explanations and demonstrations.

In this series, star trainer Joe Albano takes us through every audio concept you could possibly want to know about. Not only is this a great learning tool for those that wish to dip in and out of as a reference, it's also enjoyable to watch form start to finish.

In this one minute video from the first course, Sound Waves & Hearing, Joe Albano explores the basic aspects of the waveform and how we view it using the waveform graph:

Watch all videos here: AskAudio Academy / Ask.Video / macProVideo

About AudioPedia: Sound Waves & Hearing

AudioPedia - noun | Au·di·o·Pe·di·a | [aw-dee-oh-pee-dee-uh] An animated video informational resource explaining in plain English all aspects of audio: acoustics, mixing, mastering, recording, digital audio terms, microphones, recording, and more.

Created by our audio expert Joe Albano, AudioPedia is the ultimate audio reference tool. Here are the topics covered and defined in the first installment of this authoritative series:

Sound Waves and Hearing:

  • Sound Wave
  • Compression & Rarefaction
  • Waveform | Waveform Graph
  • Properties of Sound
  • Amplitude | Loudness
  • Decibel | dB
  • Gain | Unity Gain
  • dB Level - dBspl, dBu, dBm
  • Transient
  • Average Level | Peak Level
  • Headroom
  • Frequency | Pitch
  • Hertz/kiloHertz | Frequency Response
  • Waveshape | Timbre
  • Harmonics | Overtones
  • Analog (Sound)
  • Distortion | Clipping | Analog Warmth
  • Human Hearing & Limits
  • Fletcher-Munson
  • Threshold of Perception | Threshold of Pain
  • Tinnitus | Hearing Protection

So join audio expert Joe Albano and get a deep understanding of audio terminology with the AudioPedia series!

Watch all videos here: AskAudio Academy / Ask.Video / macProVideo

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I've had a look at some of the videos in this new AudioPedia series and they are fine as far as they go. If you want to quickly look up the meaning of some technical term, they are good for that. However, all of this stuff is covered in much greater detail in Joe Albano's Audio Concepts courses, all of which I have bought and downloaded for offline viewing. So, for quickly looking something up online, for members, these new tutorials are ok but I don't feel there's enough meat in them to pay the full price to download them. Perhaps, when they've all been released, I might look at getting them all at once to have as a reference as you can get a significant discount on MacProVideo if you order them that way. If you're wondering why I don't just watch all of them online, it has to do with my S-L-O-W satellite Internet connection and daily download limits.

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