Understanding Native Instruments The Finger Quick Key Assignments

When Native Instruments gave us The Finger (ahem!) in Komplete it didn't get the same kudos as its sibling plug-ins. But, this MIDI controlled fx plug-in is very powerful as G. W. Childs finds out.  

Possibly one of the most overlooked effects in the Komplete library, in my opinion, would have to be the Finger. To give definition to what the Finger does generally leads to comparing it to other effects devices like Stutter Edit. However, the Finger has been around a little longer than iZotope's popular plug-in, and while there are similarities, there are also plenty of differences, to boot. 

However you care to describe it, or think of it, the bottom line is that the Finger is a powerful MIDI controlled effects plug-in that gives you the ability to individual, triggerable effects to several different keys on your keyboard. Once assigned, these effects can be triggered individually, by pressing one key, or you can trigger several effects at once, by pressing several keys. 

This is useful for DJs, remix artists, and even regular studio projects where you just want to insert a little bit of '

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