Understanding Logic Pro's Compressors And Their Common Features

Although Logic Pro comes with 7 different compressor models they share some common tools and features. Joe Albano explains how to recognise them and speed up your workflow.  

Logic Pro X comes with one of the best bundled plug-in sets on the market and its family of dedicated compressors ranks high on the list of its best and brightest effects. But with a great selection to choose from and each one having a different design and different character, how do you know which is best suited to the task at hand? And how should you approach using compression? In this video from the course Logic Pro X 2013: Logic's Compressors, expert producer Joe Albano demonstrates some common features of Logic's plugs that will help you on your way to better compression and better sounding tracks.

Logic Pro X 2013: Logic's Compressors

Joe shows you the seven different compressor models that you get with Logic, mostly modelled on analog gear but one on digital. He demonstrates common features of the compressors and explains what they do - features like threshold, release, amount, gain, knee, ratio, attack and so on.

These are fundamental compressor controls and while they are represented using different graphical techniques on the different models, their functins are similar across all the plugins. Understanding what these controls do will mean you can approach any of Logic's plugs - and indeed any compressor at all - with a sense of confidence that you're using the technology to its fullest potential - and correctly!

Be sure to check out the full course for a comprehensive and in-depth guide to everything you need to know about Logic Pro's compressor models, and take control of your productions. With the right advice, it couldn't be simpler!

Watch the course Logic Pro X 2013: Logic's Compressors in the Ask.Audio Academy | macProVideo | Ask.Video

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