U-he Launches Public Beta of Repro-5 Synthesizer

Good news for lovers of synths, especially the Prophet 5. u-he have released the public Beta for their anticipated Repro-5 synth plugin and will bundle it with the acclaimed Repro-1 in January 2018.  

U-he has released a public beta of Repro-5, their virtual synth instrument plugin that they say "brings the sounds of the Prophet 5 to your computer".

We reviewed the Repro-1, emulation of the famous Prophet One, also from u-he earlier this year. And it was a big hit with us and many of you, though was lacking polyphony. Here's what u-he have to say about the Repro-5:

u-he Repro-1

u-he Repro-1 synth

We are pleased to start the public beta for Repro-5. Repro-5 shares a lot of sonic DNA with Repro-1, but draws inspiration from an even more iconic vintage synthesizer.

You will find the familiar rough and raw sounds of Repro-1, but with a few differences, new flavours and characteristics. Most notably, of course, is polyphony.

Besides the introduction of Repro-5, the public beta also includes various improvements and fixes for the Repro-1 synth.

u-he Repro-1 effects section.

u-he Repro-1 effects section.

Changes since Repro-1 revision 5332

  • Improvements:
    • All new preset browser.
    • Added Repro-5 polyphonic synth with vintage sound.
    • Added Microtuning to Tweaks page.
    • Added velocity scaling for envelopes.
    • Added filter envelope inversion jumper.
    • New filter chip ‘Poly’ available in Repro-1 (from Repro-5).
    • More parameters now available for automation by host.
    • Plugin format & OS info shown next to revision number.
    • ‘On open expand to’ has new ‘none’ option.
    • Windows installer now certified.
    • Init preset can be loaded from main display.
  • Fixed:
    • MacOS High Sierra – folders and presets unsorted if using APFS.
    • Mac only – selecting presets could crash Cubase under special circumstances.
    • Win only – VST3 wasn’t remembering preset name in main display.
    • Notes mysteriously disappearing in some hosts.
    • Sustain Pedal – pitch was jumping to highest note after release.
    • Clock source in Key mode – sequence was resetting to first step with each note.
    • Improved playability of sequencer in Key mode.
    • VST3 was not updating some graphics while recording sequences.
    • Using clear while recording a sequence was not restarting from step one.
    • With slow clock rate, last played step would not stop immediately when releasing the key.
    • Sequence A/B now switches only after current sequence has finished.
    • Arp/Seq rate wrong when using different sample rates for project and rendering.
    • Notes were played legato even if they did not overlap.
    • Various small fixes and improvements.
  • Known Issues:
    • Win only – Gamma setting only changing after reopening GUI.
    • Repro-5 NKS preset maps the wrong parameters (saving new fixes it).
    • Switching HQ creates a temporary DC offset.
u-he Repro-1 serious tweaking area.

u-he Repro-1 serious tweaking area.

Repro-5 and Repro-1 will be combined into a single product at the end of the beta period. Until December 31st, 2017, you can buy Repro (Repro-1 + Repro-5) for $99 USD. The regular price will be $149 USD ex. taxes. For owners of Repro-1, the Repro-5 is a free update.

The Repro v1.1 beta, which includes Repro-5, is available for download for Windows and macOS (VST/AU/AAX/NKS) from the u-he forum at KVR.

More information: u-he / Repro v1.1 public beta

Learn more u-he synth plugins in the Ask.Audio Academy: https://ask.audio/academy?nleloc=application/uhe


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Love it!! All the U-he synths sound awesome! Thx for the post. Downloading now

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