UArp Is An M4L Arpeggiator & Sequencer That Does Things Differently With Impressive Results

If you think you know arpeggiators and how they work, this new and innovative Max for Live device, UArp, might still offere a few surprises yet.  

We were cotnacted by MIDI Mood about their new Max4Live arpeggiator. At first, I admit I didn't pay much attention. But as I dug deeper I began to appreciate that it is different to the traditional arpeggiator we're all familiar with.

Here's the info and video about UArp:

UArp is an innovative Max for Live arpeggiator / sequencer suitable for many applications such as Songwriting, Producing, Live Performance and Jamming.

UArp uses the power of auto generated MIDI data, while at the same time giving enough real time control to make it sound and feel like a legitimate professional musical instrument.

How It Works

UArp works differently than a traditional arpeggiator / sequencer:

  1. The incoming MIDI notes act as Arp steps rather than MIDI notes
  2. Arp step pitches are handled as arp-parts rather than note-transposes
  3. A MIDI side-chain is used for activating the arpeggiator / sequencer

This makes UArp extremely powerful and much more practical when compared to the traditional approach.

Key features of the UArp include:

  • Unlimited Arp Steps, Note Lengths, etc.
  • Advanced Note Shuffling / Timing
  • Enhanced Note Hold
  • Special Mode for Drums

For more info check out the UArp site.


Price: $29.00

Plarform: Ableton Live / Max For Live




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